Bela Karoyli fighting to make the Olympics a fact facing event

Wednesday August 20, 2008 @ 08:45 PM
let's face  facts Karoyli is the best reason to watch the olympics in 2008

Water polo or a crazy Russian-American gymnastics coach commenting on the olympics...there's no contest. I was watching the olympics the other day, and let's face facts it's getting pretty boring fast. Basically it should just be called the Michael Phelps Show with special guests...underage Chinese gymnasts. But then just when I was about to change the channel, I heard a familiar voice. It was angry, yet motivated. (I could hear "You can do it" in the background.)

Yes, that voice was Bela Karoyli, the crazy Russian, or Russian-esque, or whatever he is gymnastic coach from years ago. He's back on a make us face facts when it comes to the Olympics. He's not afraid to call out anyone. He was genuinely disgusted when that American girl...something like Sasha Frufru Mimi or something.... tied the 10 year old Chinese girl but still was awarded the Silver medal. My friends, he helped us face facts. There can be two #1's. Who would have thought of that? I mean, I consider myself a fact facing person, and I didn't think of it. Then he went on a rampage about the hometown influence that judges take into account....more fact facing I love it. Then he wouldn't even stop when NBC cut to a commercial. He wasn't even afraid to speculate about the age of the Chinese gymnasts (who let's be honest are probably a decent 9 years old average) NBC, by the way should either create a Bela Karoyli show or make him cover all sports in the future. I am going to post this in my great moments in fact facing history, because it is just that. Let's face facts, Bela Karoyli is the only person facing facts with the olympics and the only reason to watch (unless you got a family member in there or something)
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It takes a cold man to stop a hot war

Monday July 14, 2008 @ 08:38 PM
Nikita Kruschev faced facts during this great moment in fact facing history

Cold Wars bring out the best in all of us. When I thought of men who faced facts about 5 minutes ago, I instantly thought of Nikita Kruschev. I mean, who wouldn't? The guy put the "commie" in communist. But despite all that Marxist bullshit that I don't even understand (I got my Communist teaching from Looney Tunes cartoons), I am recognizing this great leader. I wasn't born in the 1950's and 1960's, but I know that the world was almost annihilated when the U.S. and Russia got "bomb happy" after World War II. Funny how some things never change. Anyway, the Russians were delivering bombs to Cuba because Castro was going to be featured in a Rage Against the Machine music video or something. Kennedy took time out from banging Marilyn Monroe to order a blockade of the Russian ships.

Facing facts with Cuba, Castro and the gang

Kruschev had a choice. Should I start a nuclear war? No, this man truly faced facts. He turned those Russian ships around and saved thousands of lives. By doing this, he also guaranteed his country a superior ice hockey team for years to come, a superhuman boxer who almost beat Rocky Balboa, and a place in history as a great world leader. Let's face facts, if it wasn't for wouldn't be alive today.
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