Obama Wins The Election

Wednesday November 5, 2008 @ 08:39 PM
I'm going to give it to you straight.Don't know if you heard, but Barack Obama apparently won the election? Let's face facts, letsfacefacts.com give you the news first.
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Forget Phelps, Karoyli is the Olympics for 2008

Wednesday August 20, 2008 @ 08:44 PM
let's face  facts Karoyli is the best reason to watch the olympics in 2008

Water polo or a crazy Russian-American gymnastics coach commenting on the olympics...there's no contest. I was watching the olympics the other day, and let's face facts it's getting pretty boring fast. Basically it should just be called the Michael Phelps Show with special guests...underage Chinese gymnasts. But then just when I was about to change the channel, I heard a familiar voice. It was angry, yet motivated. (I could hear "You can do it" in the background.)

Yes, that voice was Bela Karoyli, the crazy Russian, or Russian-esque, or whatever he is gymnastic coach from years ago. He's back on a mission....to make us face facts when it comes to the Olympics. He's not afraid to call out anyone. He was genuinely disgusted when that American girl...something like Sasha Frufru Mimi or something.... tied the 10 year old Chinese girl but still was awarded the Silver medal. My friends, he helped us face facts. There can be two #1's. Who would have thought of that? I mean, I consider myself a fact facing person, and I didn't think of it. Then he went on a rampage about the hometown influence that judges take into account....more fact facing I love it. Then he wouldn't even stop when NBC cut to a commercial. He wasn't even afraid to speculate about the age of the Chinese gymnasts (who let's be honest are probably a decent 9 years old average) NBC, by the way should either create a Bela Karoyli show or make him cover all sports in the future. I am going to post this in my great moments in fact facing history, because it is just that. Let's face facts, Bela Karoyli is the only person facing facts with the olympics and the only reason to watch (unless you got a family member in there or something)
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Kappa Delta Anthrax

Monday August 4, 2008 @ 10:03 PM
lets face facts anthrax man loves sororities

Some guys will do anything for girls It came out this week that this guy who was a chief suspect for the anthrax attacks several years ago had several problems. First he loved college girls. Wait, is that a problem? Well, I guess it is when your reaction to loving college girls is filling envelopes with anthrax and mailing it around the country. Let's face facts, what this guy really needed was a book on picking up chicks.
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Americans love dead people

Sunday July 20, 2008 @ 04:27 PM
let's face facts, Americans love dead celebrities

This has to be good...someone dead is in it. The new Batman movie opened this weekend, and I'm interested in seeing it. I've been a Batman fan for years. Batman movies have done well over the years, but this latest film has become the biggest opening weekend movie ever. Why is this? Did more people finally identify with Batman as a troubled hero? Did they draw comparisons to their own lives? Are we all just silly? Nope...it's because the movie has a dead guy in it.

It's time to face it, we have an obsession with dead people. Think about it, this movie is making millions, and some are calling for Heath Ledger to receive an Academy Award. I'm sure he would have preferred to receive it while he was alive. But now that he's dead...he's got to win!

This phenomenon is not new. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana have sold thousands of albums and other merchandise AFTER Cobain decided that he had too much money and needed to die. Elvis Presley leads the list in top earning, dead celebrities. Who would have watched those "The Crow" movies until Brandon Lee died in the making of it? Can anyone name something worthwhile Anna Nicole Smith was in? Yet the E! channel treats her like Mother Theresa. What about Selina? Who gave a crap about her music until she was murdered.
Friends, what it comes down to is that we all like each other. But we like each other better when we're dead. Let's face facts, if you want to be sell more books, movies, or music...or if you just want to be better liked... you're better off dead.
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